Thursday at Coastal

A silversmith friend recently asked for help with maintaining her online shop, so I said I'd do it.   All the jewellery they sell is made at their beach side gallery, Coastal, in Cleethorpes.    More than that they run workshops, once you done a workshop the next one you can choose what to make.   I wanted a silver and copper ring and arranged to make it last Thursday.

When I go there it was to find that 3 other girls where joining in Alice, Mandy and Fay.   We all had a great time and yes I made my ring.

Andrea showing Alice how to get her ends nice and smooth.

We all enjoyed ourselves, I took the pictures.

John showing Wendy how to weld her ring.

I wanted a silver and copper ring, made from scratch even cutting out the little copper embellishments.    Here it is before polishing.

Polishing the most time consuming part of all especially getting into all the little edges.

And a new use for packaging beans.