What do you do on a bright sunny day?

If you are anything like me you try to stay out of the sun.   It makes me sneeze! as well as turns me a shade of hot pink, not a good look.   Having just got these lovely White Howlite top drilled Marquises gemstones turning them into a necklace was a good idea.

I really like this stone it is so smooth to touch it almost feels soft.   As tactile as it is a lot of people use it as a stress buster.

The other day I received my first commission, and had to get more copper jump rings in to complete it.   Well the bracelet was made and it's owner is happy with the finished piece.

Keg weave is a little fiddly, its that 3rd jump ring making the keg effect that can be tricky to get in place.   The finished result is certainly worth it.

Wonder what I'll get up to next.