More Bracelets

My adventures with Chain Maille continues, there are so many weaves to try and each time something about it is a little more complicated.   Every weave improves my skills taking me to new levels all the time.   The first make of each new weave is something I'll keep knowing that the next time it will be better and can be listed in the shop.

This, above and below is Alligator back it is a reversible weave with a different look on each side.   The most fiddly weave I've tackled thus far.     A little long this one is going to be shortened by about half an inch.   A mistake that is easy to make with Chain Maille is getting the length wrong.   I'm learning.

This one, above, is called Arkham.  I've use copper and gold plate jump rings here it has a rich glamourise look.

Finally dragon steps, this one in available in the shop and can be custom made in a single colour or a mix.   Where the other 2 are larger more statement pieces this is quite dainty and pretty.

All those designs to learn and share.  Not to mention my gemstone hill, going to start incorporating more of them.   And they said I would not know what to do with myself if I retired.