Working with Silver Jump Rings

Made a bracelet and ring for myself.   The weave is European 4 in 1 it is so soft and graceful there are many others and they are often more intricate and pretty to look at but they do not drape so well.   Makes this a favourite of mine, a pleasure to wear.

I used 925 sterling silver jump rings.   So different from working with silver plate copper rings, but of course also much more expensive.   Best then just to keep these for me, the ring and the bracelet are both the same weave and metal.   Another reason is, you cannot sell 925 sterling silver that weighs more than 7.78 grams and I'm not set up for getting markings yet.

The geode is new as well, it came from Jewellery Maker.   A TV shop and great source of gem stones findings and a few other useful tools for jewellery makers.    I shop there a lot and their plated jump rings are the ones I use most of the time, should get some more in the post tomorrow.